Occasionally you hear about airplane pilots who wind up marrying multiple women in different cities around the world. Eventually their secret gets exposed and all of their wives learn the true nature of their husband. Of course, finding multiple wives isn’t limited to just humans.

In New Zealand, Shirley Bishop owned a cat named Simba. Simba would go outside and disappear for days at a time before returning home. Since Simba did this regularly, Shirley assumed Simba was simply exploring the world.

As it turned out, Simba was actually spending the nights at Mychaela Groombridge’s house down the street. Simba acted so crazy that Mychaela named the cat Crazy Horse, thinking that the cat was just a stray who wandered by.

Eventually the two women not only learned that they shared the same cat, but they had also once worked together as well. Now Simba/Crazy Horse has two homes and two loving owners. If you think this is greedy when many cats don’t even have one loving owner or home, you’re right. Then again, did you expect any cat not to be selfish and self-centered?

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