Sue Zelitsky, had a cat named Jimmy who they would let outside to wander around. Unlike most cats, Jimmy stayed nearby and would always meow to come back in. Then on September 13th, 2014 when Jimmy was 13 years old, he went outside and never came back home.

The family was obviously heart-broken and searched for Jimmy until they gave up hope. Then one day, Sue happened to be viewing the Facebook page of the West Milford Animal Shelter which had found a stray cat who’d been pulled off the streets. The Facebook post showed a cat that looked startlingly similar to Jimmy.

Sue and her husband went to the shelter and right away, Jimmy recognized them. Now reunited with his family, Jimmy is back at home with a dog that also recognized him. Hopefully Jimmy won’t wander away again but will stay at home where he belongs.

To read more about the cat missing for two years, click here.

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