Back in February, a couple found a stray cat at their front door. This particular cat was meowing for help because its leg had been injured. The couple took the cat to the vet who determined that no bones were broken, but that the stray had probably just been wounded in a fight with another cat.

After a healthy dose of antibiotics and flea treatment, the stray gradually regained its health and ability to put weight on its injured leg. Eventually the cat healed from its wounds and could freely wander the neighborhood again.

How and why this stray found this couple is a mystery, but cats have a way of sensing good people. So if your cat likes you, you’re probably a decent person. If a cat doesn’t like someone, watch out! Your cat may sense something wrong, which means we should let cats vote for political elections.

To read more about the stray cat that a couple nursed back to health, click here.

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