Many cat owners love posting pictures of their feline friends on the Internet, but what happens if you don’t have a cat? That doesn’t mean you have to be left out. Instead, many people are learning that cats often find them. When that happens, they can post pictures of a strange cat on the Internet.

These new pictures of people posing with cats that aren’t their own falls under the “I Don’t Own a Cat” category. What’s odd is that so many of these pictures show cats and humans seemingly happily living together, but then the real meaning of the picture becomes clear when the human says, “But I don’t own a cat.”

That’s when you realize some strange cat has invaded someone’s home and made themselves comfortable for no apparent reason. This shows that cats are often demanding creatures that follow their own rules regardless of what humans may think around them.

To see pictures of people posing with cats they don’t know or own, click here.

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