When most people think of rap, they think of profanity, anger, violence, and sex. Fortunately, not all rappers focus on negative, urban stereotypes because Moshow is a  man who raps about cats.

Moshow doesn’t just rap about cats for fun, but because he also truly enjoys his cats and they apparently don’t seem to mind starring with him in his various rap videos.

“It is very odd,” he said bout his cat rapping videos. “I’ve never been around cats who are so affectionate with their humans. They don’t like me to leave the house. I think because of the love connection that we have, everything that we do–we spend a lot of time together, we record together, we shoot videos together, we go on walks together. It’s because we do so much together that this bond has formed.”

To learn more about Moshow and his cat rapping videos, click here.

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