If you happen to be in Wales and need your hair done, visit Jayde Lee Hair and Beauty. This may be the only hair salon where you can get your hair done and cuddle a cat in your lap at the same time.

Owner, Jayde Lee, currently has five felines living in the family-run salon.¬†She said: “I rescue cats because I believe that we could all be doing something more than what we’re doing. I wish that I could take more because I want to change every cat’s life, but at least I am changing the world of those we take in here.”

If the idea of visiting a cat cafe seems too tame, visit a cat hair salon instead. Then you can get calm and relaxed holding a cat in your lap while your hair gets styled. After your hair is done, you may want to take a cat home with you.

To read more about the hair salon where you can cuddle a cat, click here.

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