When Dougie, a 15-year-old ginger cat in Maine, wound up in the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland this past summer, he had feline inflammatory bowel disease. While his disease could be traced, Dougie had another problem. He cried and meowed any time he wasn’t being held or petted.

To fix this problem, Robert Weimer, one of the shelter’s staff members, came up with a creative solution. He carried Dougie in a baby Bjorn against his chest so that way the cat could be close to a person at all times.

This photo of Dougie being carried around quickly went viral and helped Dougie find a forever home. If you have a home, please consider sharing it with a loving cat. It may not cry and meow all the time, but it still needs a good home as well.

To read more about the cat that cried its way to a new home, click here.

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