Sir Whines-A-Lot is an ordinary cat who lives in an extraordinary situation. During the day, Sir Whines-A-Lot roams around an office building in Tulsa, Oklahoma, interacting with office workers by walking across their keyboards or sprawling across their desks.

However at night, Sir Whines-A-Lot has another life. That’s when he sits by the glass front doors and entices people to slip money through the door cracks. As soon as they slip a dollar through the crack, Sir Whines-A-Lot pounces and tears the money from their grip. By the end of each day, Sir Whines-A-Lot has a sizable amount of cash on the floor.

If you thought politicians were the only ones who steal from the general public with impunity, you haven’t seen Sir Whines-A-Lot. To read more about the cat that steals money from passerby, click here.

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