In King County near Seattle, pet adoption rates have skyrocketed. The reason? The growing popularity of cat cafes where people can mingle with cats and get to know them before deciding which one they want to adopt.

“When you put cats in an area where they can just show off their best colors … and be themselves, you really increase their chances of being adopted,” said Meowtropolitan cat cafe manager Reid O’Donnell.

“There’s lots of people who come in feeling unsure, but then a cat jumps in their lap and they’re like, ‘Oh, I better go get some cat supplies ’cause I guess I’m getting a cat.’ ”

Forcing people to visit an animal shelter and view pets stuck in cages is nowhere near the same experience as playing with a cat in a cat cafe and seeing what type of personality they might have. So the next time you visit a cat cafe, consider adopting a cat (if you can afford to care for one) as soon as possible.

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