The Bristol Public Library in Indiana recently decided to adopt a cat and name it Page Turner. Carol Anderson, director of the Bristol Public Library, said, “We wrote a letter to the board, and told them all about the benefits about having a cat in the library, and a cat especially because she has to be here by herself at night. Amazingly they all agreed, it was unanimous, and we did a really good job. So we went to the shelter and picked Page out, and she has been perfect.

“We knew that a cat in the library would be great, and the history of cats and libraries goes back like 3,000 years. In ancient Egypt, they had cats in the library so that the book bindings wouldn’t get eaten by rats.”

Part of the reason for a cat in the library is to teach kids to be humane in treating animals. Besides children, adults have been happy to see a cat in their library, so the next time you visit your local library, ask hem when they’ll get a cat.

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