When people visit a sued book store, they’re often greeted by a cat. Yet when people visit any other type of retail establishment, they rarely see any cats. Unless, of course, you happen to visit the Imperial Hardware Store in Leesville, Louisiana.

That’s where you can spot Chloe the cat lounging in one of the store windows. The Hortons found Chloe as a kitten when she arrived in a delivery of septic tanks nearly nine years ago.

“We were going to find her a good home,” Loretta said. “We fell in love with her and so she stayed here until she found a good home and then we all fell in love with her so we did find her a real good home.”

She’s been living at the store ever since and is often the center of attention to the point where people often visit the store just to see the cat. Who knew a cat could be just as comfortable in a hardware store as a used book store?

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