When Kelsey Chard adopted Remy, she knew Remy was an outdoor cat. Not wanting to let Remy run free, Chard put Remy on a leash and walked him around the neighborhood. A year ago while walking Remy, two dogs frightened the cat and Remy got loose from his harness and ran away.

Chard adopted another cat but a woman who fed strays noticed that one cat seemed too domesticated to be feral. That’s when she contacted animal control who found Remy had a microchip. That microchip allowed Remy to return back to Chard, who now has two cats at home.

If you want to make sure your cat comes home again, get it microchipped. You may never know how long it takes to get your cat back again, but a microchip insures that you may be reunited sooner than you might think.

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