People in every country love their cats, but every country has different laws protecting cats than others. In case you plan on reincarnating in your next life as a cat, you might want to consider being a cat in Sweden.

Some of Sweden’s cat care laws include:

  • You shall treat your cat well and protect it from unnecessary suffering and diseases.
  • Your cat shall be kept and cared for in a good environment and in a way that is good for the animal health and provides opportunity to behave naturally.
  • If your cat become ill or are injured , you should promptly ensure that the cat get´s necessary care.
  • It´s important that you keep your cat clean and that you groom the coat.

If you fail to follow Sweden’s cat care laws, you could be banned from keeping and caring for cats and you can be sentenced to a fine or be imprisoned for up to 2 years.

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