The city of Reykjavík in Iceland spent a total of 4.4 million ISK on a large LED Christmas Cat on Lækjartorg Square. The five metre high, six metre long cat is a project of the city, the Austrian company MK Illumination, and the company Garðlistar. The Austrian firm designed and built the cat, Garðljistar owns the cat, and the city rents it from them with a  lease of 3.4 million a year, with an extra million this year due to installation features that can be reused in the future. The cat has already garnered a lot of attention and will be part of the city’s Christmas activities.

Yet beyond the cost of the cat, critics wonder whether that cat is an appropriate Christmas decoration. The folklore of the cat claims that the cat will eat children who do not get new clothes before Christmas Eve. If the thought of a cat ruining Christmas seemed limited to knocking over your Christmas tree, you can imagine what children in Iceland think at the thought of being eaten by a cat during the holiday season.

To learn more about this cat sculpture in Iceland, click here.

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