Cats kill birds. That’s why bird lovers want to ban cats from roaming freely but cat lovers want their animals to enjoy the outdoors. To keep both sides happy,¬†Nancy Brennan thought about her own cat that kept bringing home dead birds despite having a bell around its collar.

That’s when Nancy read that birds can see color, so she invented a colorful collar to warn birds of an approaching cat. Ornithologist and professor at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, S.K. Willson studied the effectiveness of this color collar and¬†based on two 12-week studies involving 73 cats in the fall of 2013 and spring of 2014, she found that collar-wearing cats killed 19 times fewer birds than un-collared cats in the spring, and 3.4 times fewer birds in the fall.

In case you want to save birds and give your cat freedom to explore the outdoors, consider buying the colored cat collar for your feline.

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