Cats are like people. They need a healthy diet and plenty fo exercise. While it’s easy to buy a cat healthy food, it’s much harder to make a cat exercise. To solve this problem, you can buy your cat a smart treadmill.

Unlike ordinary treadmills, this smart treadmill contains LEDs that light up and move slightly ahead of your cat. This supposedly encourages the cat to chase after the light, much like a greyhound will run faster while chasing a mechanical rabbit around a racetrack.

Whether you can get your own cat to hop on this treadmill may be a huge question, but at least the basic idea seems logical. Now you just have to wonder will the cost of buying a smart treadmill for your cat be worth it? After all, cats often turn their noses up at expensive foods, so if all else fails, your cat will probably at least like the cardboard box that the smart treadmill comes in.

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