When actors perform in a movie, they have stand-ins who help the director find the right lighting and camera angles to shoot a particular scene. When the director is ready, the stand-in steps aside and the real actor takes his or her place. This allows the real actor to focus on preparing to act rather than endlessly wait during the boring technical work.

In the upcoming “Captain Marvel” movie, Captain Marvel owns an orange tabby nicknamed Goose after the character in “Top Gun.” However, filming a cat is unpredictable. That’s why movies and TV shows often use several cats. In the case of “Captain Marvel,” the film crew used four different cats.

One cat looked best for closeups, another cat was better for holding, another cat specialized in nuzzling, and the fourth cat specialized in pawing the actors. So when you see “Captain Marvel,” just remember you’re actually watching for different cats depending on the particular scene.

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