Kate Anderson and her orange tabby Milo live in Murray, Utah. Like many cats, Milo has a cat door so he can go in and out whenever he wants. Unfortunately when Milo went outside and decided to take a nap in the front lawn, someone took a picture of Milo and sent it to animal control.

Animal control wrote Kate a citation for having a cat “at large” even though he wasn’t bothering anybody. That’s because in Murray, Utah, a 1963 ordinance says it is illegal for any animal to run “at large,” which is defined as any time an animal is not on a leash, confined to a vehicle or secured in the yard.

The city dismissed the charge so Milo is no longer a criminal for breaking the law. Still the city has no plans to change the law so if you live in Murray, Utah, keep your cat inside or else you might get a citation too.

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