Most cats hate baths because they dislike getting wet. So if you want to make bath time less traumatic (and painful for you), you might want to consider using a waterless shampoo that you simply rub into your cat’s fur to help it stay clean.

Waterless cat shampoo is usually a foam, a liquid spray, or a dry powder. Foam requires spraying it on your cat, which you cat might not like because aerosol cans can make a noise that startles the cat.

Liquid sprays might also be troublesome since cats don’t want to get sprayed with any type of liquid. That leaves powders as an alternative since you can just sprinkle it on your cat and rub it in.

If you’re tired of fighting your cat to give it a bath, consider a waterless shampoo. It may be worth it if you can give your cat a bath without losing a pint of blood each time through frantic clawing from your cat.

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