In 2018, Rachel Krall spotted a cross-eyed cat in a post from the San Francisco Animal Care & Control’s social media. Krall adopted the cat, named Belarus, who has strabismus — a condition that prevents the 2-year-old kitty from aligning his eyes simultaneously.

Now Belarus has over 256,000 followers on Instagram. To take advantage of Belarus’s popularity, Krall sells merchandise featuring the cross-eyed cat where 100% of sales go towards shelters in the San Fransisco area, including Belarus’ former home: the SFACC.

“Last year, we donated $6,000 to shelters, with $4,000 to Belarus’ shelter SFACC, $1,000 to Sonoma Community Animal Response Team for their efforts saving animals from the Sonoma wildfire, and $1,000 to Cat Town of Oakland,” Krall said.

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