The movie “Cats” is officially a box office flop, having lost millions of dollars for Universal Studios. Yet if you saw the movie, it closely follows the stage musical. So the big question is why was the stage musical such a hit and the movie such a flop?

The main reason seems to be that theater goers enjoy the spectacle of seeing a stage musical like “Cats,” even if the story is weak. When you watch the stage musical, you know you’re watching people roaming around even if they are wearing cat costumes.

However if you watch the movie version, you’re struck by the weird special effects. Still lacking a coherent and compelling story, the movie “Cats” also lacks the sense of awe that theater goers experienced. So the movie “cats” gives you a jumbled story, boring songs, and bad special effects, which is pretty much a recipe for disaster.

Perhaps the studio could have saved a lot of money if they had just hired real cats to perform in the movie instead. At least that way people would want to watch the real cats regardless of the useless story and frightening special effects.

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