You may love your cat but you probably don’t love the smell of its litter box, especially when it doesn’t cover up its own droppings and expects you to do it like the good little human servants you’re supposed to be. If litter box odors are driving you crazy, consider a product called Kitty Stop.

Cat odors are the worst because of a chemical in their urine called Felinine. Cats that have that long hair also have a stronger urine smell. The longer the hair, the stronger the odor. When the urine decomposes, it produces ammonia and that is why you should never use ammonia-based cleaners on cat urine.

Kitty Stop promises to reduce odor so you can give it a try. After all, you’ve probably already spent a small fortune buying toys ad treats for your cat so you might as well try another odor reducer to see if it works.

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