If you have a cat, you quickly learn not to put breakable and fragile items anywhere that a cat might knock it over. Because if a cat can break it, it will. However, cats don’t kick things over just to be malicious (although that’s probably a hidden reason).

One reason is that cats are just curious and exploring their surroundings where they just happen to enjoy knocking precious items over and hearing them shatter into a million pieces. Another reason is that cats just want to play and valuable, fragile items just happen to be the most fascinating toy available. Yet another reason is that objects get in the cat’s way so knocking over something fragile and extremely valuable is a way to get where the cat wants to go.

So the next time your cat knocks over something important to you, just remember that your cat is important to you too. That means you should devote your life to serving the cat like any good cat owner should do.

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