When you get a cat, it will likely start scratching and clawing the most valuable rugs, carpet, drapes, and furniture it can find. To provide your cat with safe and healthy alternatives, get one or more scratching posts.

Just keep in mind that some cats like clawing vertically and some like clawing horizontally. So whatever type of scratching post you get for your cat, you can be sure your cat will prefer the one you didn’t buy. That means prepare yourself for spending money on different scratching posts, only to find your cat ignoring most of them.

Another way to deal with the scratching problem is to trim your cat’s nails regularly or put special nail caps on them. Then gain, it’s probably easier just to make lots of money so you can afford to buy new furniture, carpeting, and drapes every few months. That way your cat can be happy and you can have nice stuff for a day or two until your cat scratches it apart.

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