If anyone who owns a cat can tell you, cats often stare at humans as if they’re the most trivial and least important creature on the face of the earth in comparison to the superiority of the cat. Now science thinks they have an answer for why cats treat humans with such disdain. It’s not just because cats are more arrogant than other pets, but because of evolution.

According to scientists, cats have only been around humans for thousands of years while dogs have been human companions for much longer, so that explains why cats are still basically wild animals. Either that or it explains why dogs are more docile and easily led and controlled, which makes dogs the perfect citizen subjects for a dictatorship like living in North Korea.

Still, if you want to find out more about why your cat may be grumpy towards you, you can either realize that cats don’t care about people or that cats are still too new from an evolutionary standpoint to adapt to human beings. Of course in another million years, scientists will probably still use this excuse to claim why cats treat humans with contempt, not realizing that it’s because cats see humans as inferior to themselves. If you want to believe otherwise, you can, but it still won’t change the way your cat treats you as a second class citizen..

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