As anyone with a black cat will tell you, black cats can be just as lovable as a cat of any other color. Yet is there a cultural bias against black cats?

During Halloween, the myth is that people will abuse black cats more. Yet the statistics show that black cats are no more likely to be abused during Halloween than any other colored cat. Pet shelters also report that black cats are harder to place for adoption. One reason is that with online adoption becoming more popular, black cats don’t photograph as well as lighter colored cats.

The truth is that black cats are no more or less lovable and adoptable than cats of any other color. As long as you give a black cat a good home, you can be sure that the black cat will give you hours of enjoyment shredding your furniture, spraying your walls, and bossing you around by meowing in your face when it’s hungry. And that doesn’t matter what color the cat might be.

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