Everyone knows that domesticated cats are usually spayed or neutered to prevent unwanted kittens. However,  John Bradshaw, an anthrozoologist at the University of Bristol in England, and the author of “Cat Sense: How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet,” claims that such actions may be counter-productive. “The very cats that are the friendliest and the ones that don’t do much hunting are the very ones we are told we should be neutering,” he said.

By reducing the population of friendly cats, John Bradshaw and many others say we could be letting wild cats breed, thereby creating more cats that are less likely to be domesticated.

How do you feel about your cat? Is it domesticated? Or has it simply domesticated you to control and bend the humans in the household to its will? Whether cats become more or less domesticated is moth. What will never change is the way cats dominate and control the humans around them.

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