If you think your cat may be psychic by warning you of potential problems ahead of time, you may be right.  In 1975, residents of Haicheng in China were evacuated due to a predicted earthquake. One of the reasons given by seismologists for their forecast was that they noted the unusual behavior of cats, which wound up saving the lives of an estimated 150,000 people.

A British woman named Shirley tells a story about her cat Snoopy, who refused to let her leave her flat where she would normally get on the London subway to go to work. To keep her cat happy, Shirley stayed a little longer at home to play with the cat. When the cat finally calmed down, Shirley went to the subway station and nearly got knocked over when mobs of panicked people fled. Shirley later found out that if she had been in the subway at her usual time, she would have been caught in the London bombings of the Underground.

During World War Two, London residents even noticed that their cats provided more accurate warnings of impending German bombing attacks than the air raid sirens. So be nice to your cat! One day your cat could save your life.

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