What you don’t read everyday is how a cat, wearing a shark costume, while riding a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, can represent the wealth of the United States. Yet Forbes uses this strange video to make a point on how rich the United States really is.



If you watch this strange video, you’ll notice that the kitchen is nothing more than a typical American kitchen, but that’s the amazing part of the video. First, there’s the size of the kitchen, which is modest by American standards but large and clean by the standards of the vast majority of the world (think of countries in Central and South America, Africa, and Asia).

Second, a cat in a shark costume, riding a Roomba shows that a Roomba is a fairly advanced piece of technology, yet it’s affordable to the average middle class American household. Even more importantly, how many poor people in much of the world can afford to dress their cat up in a shark costume and take a video of this odd appearance?

Despite the problems of the United States, you have to admit that Americans are better off than a huge majority of the world. Just by watching a simple video of a cat riding a Roomba in a kitchen, you can see all that. I wonder what people in the rest of the world think of Americans after seeing this video?

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