A new study by the University of Japan has confirmed what many cat owners have long suspected – that their cat is willfully ignoring them. A study, published in Animal Cognition, tested twenty pet cats in their homes. Researchers sent the cats’ owners out of sight, then played the cats recordings of three strangers calling their names, then a recording of their owner calling them, and then another stranger.

Researchers watched for the cats’ ears, tail or head movement, meowing or others noises, eye dilation or movement such as shifting their paws toward the sound.

Surprisingly, the cats did respond to their names, moving their head and ears to try to discover where the sound is coming from even when called by strangers. The cats responded more clearly when they heard their owner calling them – but few were actually motivated to get up and move toward the voice.

So the next time you call your cat, there’s now scientific research to prove that your cat is willfully ignoring you no matter how hard you may call for your cat. It’s good to know that science has finally proven what many cat owners have long suspected anyway.

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