If you like ordinary housecoats, you probably like bigger cats like lions, tigers, and cheetahs. Of course, it’s impractical to keep a lion as a pet for most people, so you can now get the next best thing and buy a $35,000 mini-cheetah instead.

‘It’s like a puppy that never wants to grow up. It’s like having a dog, but it uses a litter box. They’re happy to see you. They wait for you to come home,’ ¬†says breeder Kristine Alessio.

If you don’t think your current cat is wild enough, then perhaps you’d like a miniature wild cat that’s actually quite tame.

The A1 Savannah Cattery in Oklahoma, a Savannah cat breeder, claims that¬†‘They get along with well-behaved and respectful children and if your current cat or dog is social, your new Savannah will most likely end up sleeping in the same bed.’

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