In many parts of the world, people can’t afford to care for a pet for financial and time reasons. In Japan, people often love cats but don’t have the room to care for one, which explains why cat cafes are so popular in Japan. Now there’s another solution for loving a cat without actually owning a cat and it’s called Dream Cat Venus, which is a robot that looks and acts like a real cat.

Powered by two C batteries, the Dream Cat Venus includes realistic hair for you to groom along with purring and simple movements like raising its paw. Of course, if this were a realistic cat, it would also pee on your bed, claw up your drapes, and ignore you when you most want to be with it.

Although it’s too late for Christmas shopping and is currently sold out, you might still be interested in getting a robot cat of your own one day. Click here to see a video of the Japanese robot cat in action.

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