Understanding computer programming is a basic skill like reading and writing. While not everyone who learns to read or write becomes a professional writer, understanding how to read and write can help people stay informed and communicate efficiently with others.

Likewise, computer programming can be a useful skill even if you have no intention of becoming a computer programmer. By learning the basics of programming, you can learn how to think clearly, divide large problems into smaller ones, and better understand how computers work.

The side Code.org¬†offers free programming tutorials, but if you want to combine your love for cats with an interest in programming, consider learning the Cat programming language.¬†The Cat programming language site describes the Cat language as “a high-level intermediate language translation that can also be used as a stand alone language for simple application development. In this way it occupies a similar niche to PostScript. Cat is also an appropriate language for teaching of basic programming concepts.”

The Cat programming language is completely free to use so if you’re interested in learning programming and want to let cats continue influencing your life, try programming your computer using the Cat programming language today!

Read more about the Cat programming language here.

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