If you’re tired of reality TV shows that make “stars” out of useless people who would be better off donating their internal organs to someone who actually has a reason to live, you might be interested in watching Christmas Cats TV, which will stream eight hours of nothing but a woman in a den, filled with cats in a Christmas setting.

“For three days, eight hours a day, people at home can watch a LIVE stream of a wacky grandma ‘cat lady’ in her home, rocking, knitting, and hanging out with [a] room full of adoptable cats available for adoption,” according to a news release about Christmas Cats TV.

The Christmas Cats TV reality show is broadcast by the North Shore Animal League America, in Port Washington, N.Y., which calls itself “the world’s largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization.” If you want to look at cute cats and help cats find a home, you might find Christmas Cats TV far more entertaining than most of the other reality TV shows on the air.

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