It was a who’s who of Internet fame when Grumpy Cat, Oskar the Blind Cat, Colonel Meow and Nala Cat appeared in Los Angeles at Capitol Records (Hamilton the Hipster Cat Skyped in for the event) to unveil a music video called “Hard to Be a Cat at Christmas,” starring all five cats and produced by Friskies.

Friskies plans to donate one can of wet food for every view of the music video, up to 500,000 views, in the largest one-time donation in the brand’s history. The cans will go to cat charities chosen by the five cats’ owners and include the Humane Society Silicon Valley, the Cat Welfare Assn. and Purrfect Pals.

So watch some of the Internet’s most famous cats appear for a good cause. If your cat becomes particularly annoying, perhaps he or she can become an Internet sensation one day too.

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