The Gatoteca, Spain’s first cat cafe, has organized the FESTIMIAU! festival to celebrate International Cat Day.¬†One of the festival’s goals is to dispel the myth that cats are mysterious, unfriendly and aloof animals and instead show that cats can be friendly, loyal and loving animals that are often mysterious, unfriendly, and aloof.

“In reality, their character depends on how they were handled during their first months of life. If they received love and training, they will have impeccable social conduct and be friendly,” Ariana Frances, one of the festival’s organizers.

International Cat Day was officially created in 2009 and spreads knowledge about the cat world while teaching people how to handle cats.

“A cat needs two kinds of care, physical and emotional, and understanding on the part of its owner about its nature, which is more wild than that of the dog,” Frances said, adding that “once this is accepted, the animal will be very much appreciated. It is the preferred pet of Spaniards after the dog.”

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