In the old days, getting a cartoon produced and shown in front of people meant going through a television network with their limited number of time slots available. As a result, most people could never get their cartoon in front of the public.

The Internet changed all that. An english cartoonist named Simon Tofield thought it would be funny to create a simple cartoon of a cat. He posted it on the Internet and it proved so popular that he started making regular Simon the Cat cartoons. Now he’s collected his cartoons in a book along with selling Simon the Cat merchandise. Simon learned that when you can reach the public through the Internet, you don’t need to go through the gatekeeper mentality of the traditional television networks.

So if you have a good idea that you’d like to share with the world, put it out on the Internet and see what the public thinks. You may be surprised at the positive reception you’ll get, especially if your idea involves cats.

To learn more about Simon the Cat, click here.

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