When Florence Rostami found Nazzaning, her 6-year-oldTurkish Van, unable to move her left side, she initially thought Nazzaning had broken her paw. After taking Nazzaning to the vet, she learned that her cat was actually partially paralyzed.

An MRI showed swelling in her vertebrae so the vet suggested hydrotherapy, which basically means letting the cat exercise in water. Surprisingly, water therapy along with daily massages has helped Nazzaning regain partial mobility. To read more about Nazzaning, click here.

Hydrotherapy has also helped 14-year old Morph who suffers from arthritis. With weekly hydrotherapy sessions, Morph has eased the pain. To read more about Morph, click here.

The next time your cat gets injured in a way that involves limited mobility, you now know that hydrotherapy can be a valid option. Even though cats typically don’t like water, they’ll learn to adapt when it helps them move better. So consider giving your cat a hydrotherapy session along with a massage and perhaps a day at the spa. Your cat will thank you for it by typically ignoring you once more.

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