In Horry County, the Horry County Animal Care Center picks up stray cats and puts them in a cage overnight so they can settle down. The next morning, the staff determines which cats are calm enough to become pets and which are feral, sick or injured, which will then be euthanized.

While this is standard procedure for many animal shelters, animal lovers are trying to get this changed because many house cats get picked up and euthanized before the owners can reclaim them.

“I’ve had several friends who’ve cats had just disappeared. And we found out they were put to sleep. And it’s happening all over,” Donna Llewelyn of Galivants Ferry said.

If your cat goes outside, at least get it microchipped so shelters can quickly identify your cat and get it back to you as soon as possible.

To learn more about how Horry County is trying to change their standard procedures for dealing with stray cats, click here.

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