After years of experimenting with modifying ordinary cars to turn them into self-driving cars, Google has decided it’s better to create their own self-driving car. One notable feature is that the front bumper is soft just in case it hits anyone. To insure that nobody gets hurt, the car only drives a maximum of 25 mph.

What’s a self-driving car got to do with cats? Think of the future when you need to take your cat to the vet. Instead of driving your cat yourself, just pop your cat in a carrier and program the self-driving car to take it to the vet. When the car arrives, the vet can open the door with a key code you give them, and take the cat out.

Now the vet can examine your cat and afterwards, put the cat back in the cat carrier and send it home again where you can take the cat out of the car and bring it back in the house again. So you can see that technology can have wonderful uses for taking care of your cat in the future.

To learn more about Google’s self-driving car, click here.

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