Janice Higgins, president of Scaredy Cat Rescue in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, says she and other volunteers discovered at least 100 cats during a routine visit to a home in Cox’s Cove. The woman caring for the cats would just throw food on the floor and believed she was taking care of the animals despite the severe flea infestation in the house.

“The person there isn’t aware of the stench or the condition of the cats,” Higgins said, “She thinks she’s doing a fine job … that’s a giveaway that it’s a hoarding situation.”

While caring for cats can be admirable, make sure you can care for them properly. That means plenty of litter boxes, space, and health care for each cat. If you can’t care for your cats, please find a proper home for them.

To read more about this latest cat hoarding incident, click here.

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