When Jemma Lough lost her pet cat Toby in 2002 from her former home in Braintree, Essex, she thought she’d never see Toby again. Then twelve years later, she got a call from a veterinarian who informed her that Toby had been found less than two miles from her home.

“It was a bit of a shock, I couldn’t believe the phone call. I’ve never had anything like it,” said Mrs Lough. “When I took the call initially, I was shaking. There were a lot of tears when I first went to see him, it was overwhelming.”

Mrs. Lough had Toby microchipped and updated her contact information in hopes that someone would find her cat. Eventually someone did find Toby, though that Toby needed to get a checkup, and that’s when a vet discovered the microchip to reunite Toby with Mrs. Lough once more.

With so many stories of microchips reuniting cats with their owners, paying the minimal cost of a microchip seems like a small price to pay to make sure you’re never separated from your car.

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