When cat owner Ashley Barth had to move from Suffolk to Hawaii, they noticed that their cat, Memeow, suddenly went missing.

“I was really worried and starting to think the worst,” Barth said. “Maybe she ran away, maybe the movers scared her and she decided it was too much noise and she took off.”

The family delayed their move to Hawaii, staying three more nights in their empty house, hoping Memeow would show up. Eventually, they couldn’t wait any longer.

“It made me sick. It was heartbreaking,” Barth said. “My girls were devastated trying to tell me that I couldn’t leave without Memeow.”

The land and sea journey or the Barth family’s belongings took more than a month. Thirty-six days after their Suffolk home was packed up, the boxes arrived in Hawaii. When movers began unloading, Barth said she heard a quick, faint “meow.” Opening up the box, they found a seriously starving Memeow inside.

Fortunately, Memeow survived but has been put in quarantine for three months. Still the family has their cat back and that’s all that really matters.

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