A well-meaning woman adopted a cat. Being devoted to fashion, this woman decided to give her feline pretty pink artificial nails. Unfortunately after adopting her cat, named Broccoli, the woman discovered she was allergic to cats and had to return Broccoli back to the animal shelter. Now Broccoli has the unique distinction of being one of the few cats with a pedicure.

Such artificial claws may look interesting but they can inhibit a cat’s movement since it needs its claws to climb. While more humane than declawing, artificial claws are best for indoors cats, not cats that need their claws to survive outside.

Hopefully Broccoli will find a good home with someone who can appreciate her pretty pink claws. Then maybe Broccoli’s new owner won’t be allergic to cats either and can keep her to give her a happy home for many years to come.

To read about Broccoli’s pink pedicure, click here.

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