When you’re a baseball player, you likely hold odd superstitions like not changing your socks when your team is on a winning streak or touching your cap a certain way before stepping into the batter’s box if you having a hitting streak. For Washington National’s player Jose Lobaton, he likely couldn’t keep a real cat with him on the road, so he chose to buy a lucky figurine of a cat from a Japanese gift store instead.

Partly in honor of¬†former Braves catcher Evan Gattis and partly out of gratitude for his opportunity to play in the major leagues, Jose Lobaton decided to name his lucky cat figurine¬†Gatitude. The next time you’re unable to be with a real cat, consider carrying a lucky cat figurine around with you instead. Who knows? It might bring you good luck just like a real cat.

To read more about Jose Lobaton’s lucky cat figurine, click here.

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