Science doesn’t know everything, so it’s a mystery how this cat gave birth to an animal that is slowly looking more like a dog every day. 74-year-old owner Jia Weinuan claims his cat gave birth to several kittens and he personally cut the umbilical cord on all of them. As all the kittens grew, he noticed one of them looked strangely more like a dog.

Oddly enough, this odd animal’s paws still resemble a cat, but the rest of the animal looks like a Chihuahua. How a cat could give birth to a dog remains a mystery, but Jia claims it’s what happened.

Perhaps if scientists can do DNA testing, they can find out if this dog really did have a cat for a mother. Then again, it’s a good thing this cat/dog doesn’t look like Bill Clinton or else we’d really know who the father might be.

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