When Craig Armstrong adopted Millie, a 2 year old cat, from a shelter in Park City, Utah. He wanted her to enjoy the same life he does when he goes hiking around interesting areas.

Armstrong said, “Millie’s a house cat, I feel bad having her locked up all the time and want her to get to explore the beautiful places I get to visit so take her on trips with me. Wandering around a desert at a cat’s pace, observing things from a cat’s perspective, is relaxing and fun. Therapeutic almost. And enlightening. You’re taking to spots and get to see things you would typically walk right past. I’m pretty sure any animal would have fun out there, you just have to have the patience and willingness to take them and attention to stay with them and keep them safe.”

Armstrong shares his trips with Millie though Instagram. That way everyone can see how happy Millie is exploring canyons and rocks out in the wild that few humans ever see in their lifetime.

If you want to give your cat exercise, you might consider taking your cat hiking. Just practice caution when taking your cat outside so your cat (and you) remain safe at all times.

To read more about Millie the climbing cat, click here.

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