Most cats hate water, which means most cats hate baths. Yet some cats actually like water and 2-year old Simba the cat not only likes water but adores bubble baths.

“It was bizarre seeing him so happy sitting in the bath just like any child would,” Simba’s 24 year old owner, Helen Mason, of Essex County, England said. “The first time I put him in there to clean him I quickly noticed that he loved being washed in the bath. Before he used to sit and watch us in there but I never thought he’d want to get into the soapy water himself. It was such a shock at first because he’d never done it before, since then we’ve struggled to get him out of the tub.”

If you’re having trouble giving your cat a bath, show your cat a picture of Simba to demonstrate the proper way a cat should behave in a bathtub. Perhaps your cat will take the hint or more likely just ignore you once again as someone completely irrelevant to its own life.

To read more about Simba the cat that likes bubble baths, click here.

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