Unsinkable Sam is the nickname given to a cat that was on board the German battleship Bismarck when she was sunk by the British in 1941. Supposedly the cat was rescued and put on board the British destroyer HMS Cossack.

Unfortunately in 1941 the HMS Cossack got torpedoed by a German U-boat. Yet Unsinkable Sam, now named Oscar, managed to survive this second sinking as well and was put on board the British aircraft carrier the HMS Ark Royal.

That same year in 1941, the HMS Ark Royal got sunk by a German U-boat and Unsinkable Sam survived his third and final ship sinking. After that, he was put in Gibraltar and sent back to the United Kingdom to live out the rest of his days on land. If any cat had nine lives, Unsinkable Sam probably used up each life on every sinking ship he managed to survive.

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