Minneapolis is the home of a cat video festival but lacks its own cat cafe. That may change with the introduction of the Cafe Meow, a cat cafe that’s hoping to open in Minneapolis soon.

Danielle Rasmussen, Jessica Burge and Taylor Gause are hoping to bring the concept here.

“There was a temporary cat cafe that Purina put on in New York City that got a lot of press,” Rasmussen said, “So one of my partners started researching the idea. … Then we went to the Walker’s International Cat Video Festival. We looked around and said, ‘Wow, a cat cafe would do really, really well in Minneapolis.’ ”

In case you’re in the Minneapolis area, support your local cat cafe when it opens. The more cat cafes stay in business to help adopt cats, the more likely cats will find good homes that they may never have found otherwise.

To read about Minneapolis’s possible cat cafe, click here.

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